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Our Milestones

Our top priority is continuous growth and dynamic expansion in the market, both locally and on the European stage. Confirmation of our ambitious aspirations is the growing success we achieve every year, demonstrating our ability to adapt and innovate in a changing business environment.

Who are we?

We Create with Passion, Shape with Precision

How many people do we employ?

We currently employ over 200 people

What do we have at our disposal?

We have two production halls with a total area of 2800 square meters

How much steel do we produce?

We are able to process up to 200 tons of material per month

When were we established?

We started our operations in 2016

Get to know our team

We would be happy to answer any questions regarding quotes or starting work with us. We understand the importance of having clear information before making any decisions, so we are here to help and provide the necessary explanations

Kamil Cieślar

Technical Director


Agata Saganowska

CEO – Chief Executive Officer


Illia Smoliarov



Vitali Kutsyi


Discover our halls

First Area – 2000 m2: This is a large space with an area of 2000 square meters, perfect for carrying out large industrial projects. Due to its size, it can be used for various purposes, including material storage, assembly of large structures, or as a workspace for various industrial processes.

Two Overhead Cranes: These cranes are essential industrial equipment used for lifting and moving heavy loads. The first crane has a lifting capacity of 16 tons, allowing for the handling of very heavy objects, while the other two cranes have a capacity of 5 tons each, ideal for moving smaller but still heavy items. These cranes enhance work efficiency and safety in the workplace.

Application for Welding Black Steel: The entire space is adapted for welding black steel, indicating its specialization in processing and constructing heavy steel elements. Black steel, due to its properties, is often used in construction, machinery manufacturing, and many other industrial applications that require durability and strength.

Second Hall – Area 800 m2: This is a smaller hall with an area of 800 square meters, designed for specialized work. The hall’s size allows for efficient organization of work and the flow of production processes while providing sufficient space for working with precision products.

Two Cranes with a 5-Ton Capacity Each: Equipping the hall with two cranes, each with a 5-ton capacity, enables easy handling of heavy steel elements. These cranes provide flexibility in material transport and are essential for maintaining production process continuity.

Production of Stainless Steel Products: The hall’s specialization in the production of stainless steel products indicates its dedication to working with a material that requires specific skills and precision. Stainless steel is valued for its corrosion resistance and durability, making it ideal for producing high-quality components in various industries. The tools in the hall are adapted to this specific type of production.

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Here, metalworking becomes an art. We devote ourselves to the passion of creation, focusing on every detail to meet the expectations of our customers. Quality and punctuality are not just promises for us but the foundations upon which we build lasting relationships and fulfill orders with unwavering precision.